About me – The Osteo

As an Osteopath or Physical Therapist I have a thirst for evidence based research in how to treat and manage people in pain. I have spent all of my adult life working in the fitness industry and as a manual therapist treating people in pain and dysfunction.

The last couple of years I have become really interested in pain science and the different models of pain that exist. By far the most robust model is the BioPsychoSocial model first described by Engle in 1977. However, most people practicing today in muskuloskeletal problems use the outdated and ill advised BioMedical model of pain.

Quotes about back pain from pain experts

“Increasing research into low back pain demonstrates that outcome is determined by psychosocial factors as much or more than physical factors. This omission can no longer be justified.”

Louis Gifford, PT

“Overall, using your back normally [to twist, bend, run, etc] will make it stronger, more flexible and healthier in the long run.”

Dr. Mary O’Keefe, PT, PhD

“If you hurt your back and get an MRI, you have reduced you chances of recovery.”

Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

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